Workshop Series

GENEALOGY - Tracing Your Roots

Finding Grandma’s European Ancestors

Finding European ancestors is a challenge, but this program covers a method that tries to simplify this daunting search. The program covers tips to find where your ancestors left, where to find the European records and gives tips on translating most records. The author has done extensive research for records in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Germany. He has also been successful researching for Jewish, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish and English records. This program can be modified to focus on one or more different countries or ethnic groups.

When: TBD @ 9:00 to 11:00AM

Where: The Winona Library 151 W. 3rd St. Winona, MN 55987

Cost: $30 per person

Bio - Steve Szabados

Stephen Szabados is a lecturer and author who has given numerous programs to genealogy groups and libraries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northern Illinois University. He is the author of over ten genealogy books and over fifteen family histories. He is also a contributing editor for the Polish American Journal. He is a member of Polish Genealogical Society of America and a genealogy volunteer at his local library. He has a passion to share his love of family history and his lectures cover the methods that he has found success in his twenty years of research experience.  Website:

Polish Genealogy – Four Steps to successful research

Where do you start your research on your Polish Ancestors? Finding your Polish ancestors is a challenge. This presentation simplifies the confusing elements of Polish research: border changes that confuse us on where our ancestors were born. Logical steps are given on how to search for Polish documents, where to find Polish documents, and translating Polish documents. This material will jump-start your research and help you enjoy your Polish Heritage.

When:  TBD at 1:30-3:30

Where: The Polish Museum, Morrison Annex 

102 Liberty  St. Winona, MN 55987

Cost: $30 per person 


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 Pisanki -The Art of Polish Egg Decorating

When: Saturday October 9th, 2021   2PM TO 4PM

Where: Levee Park

Who:  a Local Artist 

Cost: $5

Participation is open!  Come anytime between 1PM and 4PM 

This workshop will feature acrylic paint on wooden eggs using American designs.  

Supplies-wooden eggs, paint brushes and paint  will be provided.



This art form will be taught by  local artisans.  Participants will see beautiful examples, learn the history and technique of Pisanki, and will be mentored with hands on opportunities, to create their own works of art.  

When: March 2020

Where: The Polish museum, Morrision Annex 

Who: Jodi Brom

Cost: $20 per person

Jodi Brom has created Polish Pisanki eggs since 1999 and will lead you in learning this beautiful folk art.  Participants will see examples and will learn the history while being instructed in the technique. Participants will receive a packet of patterns, color meanings, and tool information. 


When: Saturday, March 20, 2020 at 2PM-5PM

Where: The Polish museum Morrison Annex Winona, MN 55987


Who: Jodi Brom

Cost: $20 per person

Full optimal learning and instructor attention, each workshop is limited to 10 participants. 

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The Practice and Art of Polish Embroidery or HAFT

Gabi Reca, a Master artisan, will teach the art of embroidery and local participants will have a chance to learn this unique craft and create their own family heirlooms.  

As part of your registration you will be given a kit (at the workshop) with all the necessary items  to learn the art of Haft.  

When: TBD   OR  TBD 

Where: The Polish Museum Morrison Annex 102 Liberty St. Winona, MN 55987

Cost : $28 per person includes a kit

These classes are identical in content.

The Polish Table

 Kashubian and Polish Cuisine

Recipes, tasting, and more to be learned and experienced as part of this workshop. Marzena will teach you to make 4 Polish favorite foods.

Who: Chef Marzena Wnuk-Lipinska of Bytow Poland

When: TBD  OR TBD 

Where: Bluff Country Co-Op Community Room and Kitchen

121 West Second Street

Cost: $15 per person includes recipes

These classes are identical in content.

Bring your own Wine or Beer

Non-alcoholic drinks available for 

purchase at the Co-Op

Children's class available TBD contact the Co-Op for details and to register.

The Polish Table is sponsored by BCC

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Kati Ritchie

Wycinanki -The Art of Polish Paper Cutting

Learn to create these beautifully colorful and unique designs in this workshop honoring the art of Polish paper cutting.

This class is appropriate from people aged 13 and up.  There are two opportunities for you to learn this amazing art.

Kati Ritchie, of St. Paul, MN, learned Wycinanki (vee-Chee-non-ki), or Polish paper cutting, at a young age and continued to learn from Polish masters.  She will bring the opportunity to learn wyncinanki to Winona during the KCC2020 celebration.  This is a real opportunity as fewer and fewer people still have this skill to share.  Two classes are available.  Bring your won favorite scissors if you like.

Wycinanki 1: Create a one color form to mount on a card to share or to frame; and create a 3D ornament

When:  Saturday February 27th, 2020   10am to noon 

Where: The Winona Polish Museum The Morrison Annex 363 E. 2nd Street

Cost: $15 per person includes supplies needed to create a piece of art.


Wycinanki 2: Create in multi colors to mount on a card to share or to frame.

When:  Saturday February 27th, 2020  1 to 3pm.

Where: The Winona Polish Museum The Morrison Annex 363 E. 2nd Street

Cost: $15 per person includes supplies needed to create a piece of art.