Lecture Series

Kashubian Music

Jaromir Szroeder

Jaromir Szroeder works with the Western Kashubian Museum in Bytow and is an expert in Kashubian music.  He will teach us about this unique music with the help of the Kashubian City Band.  

When: Wednesday June 24th 2020 @7PM

Time: Check back

Where: Masonic Theater

Cost: $5 Per person

Free to Students with Student ID

Kashubian History

Prof. Cezary Obracht-Prondzynski

Professor Obracht-Prondzynski will share the story of the Stake War of 1920, its effect on the region, and the formal creation of modern Poland's recognized boundaries.  

When: Friday October 2nd at 7PM

Where: Sobieski Pavilion, 950 East 8th Street 

Cost: $5 Per person

Free to Students with Student ID

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