Who are Kashubians? What is the KCC2020? Here is all you need to know:

WHO?  The Kashubian Capital Centennial Celebration’s (KCC2020) goal is to engage the community in a deeper understanding of the Polish Kashubian immigrants that played an integral role in the birth and success of Winona, Minnesota. 


WHAT?  A year-long series of special events, workshops, cultural exchanges, and lectures creating awareness of Winona, known throughout Poland as the Kashubian Capital of America.

WHEN?  2020 is the 100th anniversary of the Stake Wars, the struggle that birthed the regional boundaries of modern Poland and the Kashubian region (North Central) also part of Pomerania, home to Bytow, our Sister City.


WHERE? All events are in Winona, MN, most in Levee Park on the banks of the Mississippi River and the Polish Museum, downtown.  Click here for a map.  


WHY!  KCC2020 will inform a new generation of Winonans and Minnesotans about the Kashubain culture, history and arts.  As the Polish heritage recedes, a part of Winona diminishes.  The KCC2020 organizers chose the art forms and events to be included with an eye toward their significance and to rekindle pride and awareness.